Public Buildings

Public School: Represented a public school system in connection with structural deficiencies found in three schools built according to the same prototype design.

Detention Center: Represented a county in litigation over multi-million dollar contractor claims, and claims for the owner against the designer, involving a $43 million jail and courthouse complex utilizing multiple prime contractors.

Detention Center: Represented a county in restructuring prime contracts after defaults by contractors, and in resolving claims for defective work—$26 million jail.

Sports Arena & Coliseum: Represented a city in resolving multi-million dollar claims involving construction of a sports arena and coliseum expansion. The representation involved claims between the various multiple prime contractors, the owner and designers.

Sports Arena: Represented a local sports authority in connection with the construction of a sports arena. The services for the authority included the negotiation of major change orders, and the review, negotiation and disposition of delay and cost overrun claims utilizing a mix of direct negotiation, mediation and litigation.

Convention Center: Served as counsel for a city constructing a new convention center and public underground parking deck. The representation involved preparation of contracts, review of insurance programs, review of change orders, and preparation of contract amendments.

Parking Deck: Prepared contracts for a public/private partnership for a mixed-use office and parking deck facility for a county government.

Public Park: Drafted contract documents on behalf of owner for the design and construction of a downtown park, and coordinated the participation and financing between the public and private park owners. Coordinated and developed contracts for close-out and maintenance of park. Developed and drafted owner-construction manager agreement; owner-owner’s representative agreements; and owner-design professional agreements.

Detention Center Contracts: Drafted project management and design contracts for county – $12 million jail. The project involved preparation of cost models and design requirements not to exceed fixed limits.

Sports Facility Contracts: Drafted design and construction contracts for a public owner – $48 million coliseum complex. The project involved fixed budgets, tight schedules, extensive cost estimating, renovation and new construction.

Institutional Buildings

Disability claims: Defended commercial property owners against claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Hospital: Defended a hospital against extra work claims by a contractor engaged to construct a new cardiac care wing.

Private school: Defended a private school against numerous lien claims brought by the subcontractors and suppliers of a general contractor engaged to build a new school academic building. All of the claims were resolved through a mixture of litigation and private negotiation.

Commercial and Retail Buildings

Commercial office: Obtained jury verdict in favor of purchaser of commercial office property on claims for breach of contract, negligence, fraud and piercing the corporate veil against developer and contractor.

Retail development: Represented retail developer in resolution of claims for defective, incomplete and late work, while defending multiple lien claims from remote claimants.

Legal malpractice: Obtained jury verdict finding attorney liable for legal malpractice related to real estate transaction.

HVAC: Drafted and coordinated contracts on behalf of owner for renovation of heating plant and steam tunnel HVAC projects for five-star hotel campus.

Golf course: Drafted all design and construction agreements on behalf of owner for the construction of an international golf course, clubhouse and amenities for award-winning private northern Virginia golf club.

Office complex and research and testing center: Drafted design and construction management at-risk contracts for a private owner: $24 million in new construction.

Historic renovation: Drafting design, professional construction management and construction contracts for use in the renovation of an historic structure in Washington, D.C., for the owner (a private association), and advising the owner during all phases.

Remodeling and upfit of tenant space: Drafting design, construction management and construction contracts for use by a national tenant in multiple U.S. locations.

Commercial/Residential developer: Drafted development, design, and construction contracts and provided dispute resolution services for multi-state developer of residential (single and multi-family) and commercial projects.

Regional shopping mall contracts: Drafted project management, design and construction contracts for a private owner: $45 million in new construction and renovation of a regional shopping mall. The project involved coordinating the terms of 23 multiple management, design and construction contracts, and advising the owner during all phases of the project.

Multi-family Housing

Residential developer: Successfully defended a multi-family developer against a lien claim by the fire sprinkler supplier to an insolvent general contractor.

Mountain condominiums: Defended condominium association against lien claim and lawsuit filed by general contractor.

Beach condominiums: Representation of homeowners in connection with workmanship problems and warranty.

HVAC: Provided dispute resolution services during and after construction on behalf of owner for renovation of heating plant and steam tunnel HVAC projects for five-star hotel campus.

Waste Management and Environmental Projects

Environmental remediation litigation: Representation of owner of an industrial facility in litigation with remediation contractor.

Landfills: Drafted form design and construction contracts and provided dispute resolution services on behalf of national waste management corporation for its acquisition, construction and operation of landfills and transfer facilities.

Processing facility contract: Drafted design/build contract documents for a sludge processing facility in New York. The project involved excavation, installation of structural concrete and hookup of technical electronic equipment.

Environmental remediation contracts: Drafted contracts for all remediation phases of a Superfund site, on behalf of Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) group.

Utility and Transportation Projects

Excavation and utility installation: Represent an owner (private utility) in litigation to resolve multi-million dollar claims involving construction of a water distribution system.

Toll road contract: Drafting parts of a design/build contract for a toll road. The work included preparation of a listing of the liability issues involved and recommendations as to procedures and contract language for handling the liability exposure.

Bankruptcies and Collections

Bankruptcy stay: Represented numerous owners in obtaining timely relief from automatic bankruptcy stay and utilization of contract funds to complete projects and satisfy claims of subcontractors.

Bankruptcy trustee action: Represented numerous contractors and owners in successfully defending trustee’s actions to recover contract balances.

Default/Surety performance: Represented public and private project owners in pursuing default terminations, and securing performance of surety under payment and performance bonds.

Lien claims: Represented private owners in defense of general contactor and subcontractor lien claims.