Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC attorneys provide representation in the full range of construction suretyship issues, from claims and disputes arising out of bid, performance and payment bonds, to indemnity and recovery on behalf of construction sureties. Although our practice typically relates to the representation of sureties and contractors, our attorneys also represent performance bond obligees and payment bond claimants. Our attorneys also have considerable experience in assisting construction sureties, obligees and claimants with issues arising under federal bankruptcy law.

Our construction surety representation covers bonds issued on a wide range of state, federal, and private projects. We are uniquely qualified to assist sureties, contractors and obligees in performance and payment bond issues arising prior to and following default and termination, and throughout the completion process. Working in conjunction with experienced engineering and construction consultants, we assist in evaluating work in place and to be performed, negotiating completion agreements, preparing re-let packages, monitoring completion work, applications for payment, and asserting and defending performance and payment bond claims.

We are involved with local and national trade and surety organizations on construction surety issues. Our attorneys have assisted in drafting amendments to statutes relating to a wide range of issues affecting construction sureties, obligees and claimants. Our attorneys assist clients in assessing and evaluating construction bond issues, developing strategies for pursuing and resolving construction bond disputes, and providing comprehensive representation in arbitration and in state and federal courts.

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