Design Firms and Consultants

Institutional Buildings

Boarding school: Represented an architecture firm engaged to design the buildings for a new boarding school in connection with a fee dispute. The dispute involved both calculation of the base fee and compensation for prototype buildings.

Waste Management and Environmental Projects

Wastewater treatment plant: Defended a claim against an engineering firm joined in a suit by an owner to recover the cost of replacing defective pumps in a wastewater plant upgrade. The case was settled through multi-party mediation.

Industrial Projects

Off-shore engineering firm: Represented off-shore engineering firm furnishing engineering services to North American clients and projects by human engineering assets located in India and China; coordinated negotiations and preparation of contracts for the furnishing of architectural and engineering services for domestic projects from Asia.

Licensing and Registration

Engineer licensing: Assisted individual engineers accused of misconduct by the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Architect licensing: Assisted architect accused of misconduct by the NC Board of Architecture.

Licensure of out-of-state firms: Represented several out-of-state engineering firms and construction contractors in their efforts to comply with North Carolina licensing and registration laws.


Corporate reorganization: Assisted the principals in a roofing consulting firm with corporate planning, reorganization and business continuation.