The attorneys at Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC write a comprehensive treatise on North Carolina construction law. Our firm was selected by West Publishing (Thomson Reuters) to write this book. The firm’s work is compiled in a single-volume treatise titled NORTH CAROLINA CONSTRUCTION LAW. In its 1,300 + pages, our book provides practical information and guidance for both routine and specialized construction law issues including information necessary for all stages of a construction project. We update the book annually. We are now on our twelfth edition (2023-2024 edition). Our goal was to write a book containing a thorough academic discussion of the subject. We have in this book an in-depth analysis of construction law, including litigation and arbitration of claims, public contracting, insurance, bonds and liens, warranties, building codes, occupational licensing, and regulatory compliance in North Carolina with citation to cases, statutes, rules and regulations. While we strived to write a learned treatise on construction law in North Carolina, we also wanted to balance the academic discussions with “real-life” applications of the law we have experienced in our decades of practicing in this field. We believe we have accomplished that feat.


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